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Plan for Business Success on Just One Page

Alan Sellers | Mon 02 Oct 2017
Plan for Business Success on Just One Page

Plan for Business Success on Just One Page

According to numerous reports and research, over 1.5 million Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK do not have Business Plans.

This raises a number of questions.

How do those businesses measure their progress?

Are they really focused?

Do those enterprises know the direction they are heading in?

Furthermore the most important question is ‘Are those business owners truly focused on making sure their business gives them the life that they want’?

We believe that having an effective business plan is fundamental when it comes to helping grow a business and measuring progress. We also believe that a business without a plan is like driving a car without a real clue as to the journeys final destination.

Reasons that Business Plans aren’t used

Perhaps a key reason that SME’s don’t have a written business plans is that the vast majority we have come across over the years are cumbersome and overly complicated. Perhaps this puts business owners off of writing a truly focused plan. Not only that, if a plan is unwieldy then how can it be monitored easily?

Another key reason is that many plans don’t place enough emphasis on the personal goals of the business owner/s.

Over the past 6 years we’ve shown our clients that there is a great way to plan for success. We’ve also demonstrated to them that great business objectives can be linked to the powerful personal goals of the business owner.

Here is the first step we take our clients through, on the way to creating a really powerful One Page Business Success Plan

Get Personal

Before any business plan is drafted, it is essential to decide what you as the MD/Owners wants from the business. The enterprise should be the vehicle for the balanced life that you want for you, and your family. Otherwise why have a business?

Start by asking yourself ‘What are the important areas in my life that the business can help me with’? Once these have been identified then powerful goals personal goals can be set.

Get smart or S.M.A.R.T.E.R

We recommend using S.M.A.R.T.E.R

Goals must be Specific and of course Measureable. Agree with those that are important to you in your personal life that the goal is worthwhile.

Is your objective Realistic? Can it be achieved, with a stretch? Make sure that your goals have a Timescale. Make sure that your goal is Exciting, that it is a goal that will motivate you, even when things don’t go to plan from time to time.

Finally identify the Resources you may need to achieve the goal (Time, knowledge, money, people etc.)

There’s another cool reason why you should write your goals in this way – It’s your RAS

Approximately 2 billion pieces of data come through your five senses every second. To maintain your sanity this deluge is filtered through a network of brain cells in your brain that only a very minute proportion of the information gets through to the rest of the brain.

This network is called the Reticular Activating System or RAS for short. The RAS works likes an antenna, noticing stimuli and alerting your brain to pay attention. The RAS lets in only data that meets at least one of the following criteria:

– It’s important for your safety/survival
– It has novelty value
– It has emotional content

Effectively the RAS operates on stimuli that are above its threshold of observation. Mundane and daily routines slip below this threshold. It helps you to notice things that are relevant to your current goals.

It’s therefore vital to write your goals down, and having them satisfy S.M.A.R.T.E.R criteria is so much better. Once you have established your personal goals, you can then translate them into business objectives.

You’ll then be on your way to creating a fantastic One Page Business Success Plan.

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