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Why Not Add Value To Your Business With a Business MOT

| Wed 11 Jul 2018
Why Not Add Value To Your Business With a Business MOT

A Business MOT will help add value to your business

Do you have a business or a self employed job? This may seem a strange question, but it is a fundamental one if you are running your own business. You may be happy being a 'one person entity' in which case that's great. but if you are striving to create a business that has value here are some questions.

How much does your business rely on you ? How good are your systems and processes ? Are you happy with the amount of time you spend working in your business?

Answering these questions in a positive way will mean you are on your way to creating a valuable business.

Business MOT

All successful businesses have great systems and processes, complimented by superb people .

Our Business MOT Service will help you identify areas in your business that require improvement, and as such can add value once resolved.

The focus of our Business MOT takes a look at the 'Seven System Categories' in your business.

Leadership - Do you have a clear, written down, vision for your business? Does it rely too much on you, and how much have your people bought in to your objectives?

Marketing - Do you have a written marketing plan? How well do you know your competitors? Are you happy with your website performance? Are you getting the most from social media?

People - What is staff moral like ? Are your people being developed so that they can deliver the best possible service for your customers? Are your team well provided for, working for the common objectives of your business?

Customers - Do you get the most from your current customers? How could you improve the service to them? Do you get enough referrals ?

Operations - How efficiently do you deliver your products and services ? What can you do to improve they way you do things?

Finance - Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is king. How well do you control your finances? Are you paying too much tax? Have you moved to Cloud Accounting yet?

Adminstration - What are your back office systems like ? Do they make business life easier or harder for you ?

Our Business MOT service will help you identify areas in your business that could be improved and hence add value.

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